What Is PPMCK?

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H7's PPMCK is a third expansion of the famous MCK, a program that will convert your Music Markup Language (MML) text files into NES music instructions. You can play the generated file in various NSF players and plugins. With this new expansion, you get access to tons of tracks. The original NES only has a few sound-generating channels. Various third-party chips were included in some games to expand this. PPMCK, to my knowledge, takes advantage of all of them. This allows for rich, complex chiptunes not available in the original MCK.

I had trouble learning MML because the documentation out there was sparse and mostly in other languages. So this effort is to help everyone reference the different commands using MML under h7's PPMCK. After reading this I hope you gain a greater understanding of utilizing all of PPMCK's channels so you can make great chiptunes efficiently!

Available Tracks/Chips in PPMCK

Track Letter Description
A,B 2A03 Square Wave
C 2A03 Triangle Wave
D 2A03 Noise
E 2A03 DPCM Sample Playback
F FDS Wavetable Synth
G,H,I,J,K,L VRC7 FM Synth
M,N VRC6 Square Wave
O VRC6 Sawtooth Wave
P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W N106 Wavetable Synth
X,Y,Z FME7 Multisound Synth
a,b MMC5 Square Wave

Download PPMCK software from http://ppmck.web.fc2.com/ppmck.html (ppmck09a) or http://clogging.web.fc2.com/husic/ (ppmck09a ex2)

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