@MP<num> = { <param1> <param2> <param3> }

<num> (0 — 63)
A number you set for your reference when calling throughout your MML.

<param1> (0 — 255)
Delay until vibrato starts.

<param2> (1 — 255)
Vibrato speed.

<param3> (0 — 255)
Vibrato depth.

This will define a vibrato macro.

MP<num> to call.
MPOF to turn off.

You can modulate the pitch with a sort of sine wave with the vibrato macro. The vibrato macro is useable on most channels except DPCM track E. <param1> will dictate the time to wait after the note attack to start the vibrato. <param2> dictates how quickly to vibrate the pitch. Finally, <param3> dictates how far from the root note to swing.

@MP0 = { 8 2 6 } ; A nice violin-like vibrato.
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