Note tie

Note ties allow to extend the length of a note.

There's two different ties:

“^” tie

Ties two note lengths together. Let's suppose you want a ‘c’ note that lasts two wholes, you could write:

; a long c (duration of 2 wholes)
A c1^1

Of course, note lengths can be dotted.

“&” tie

Ties two notes together. In old versions of PPMCK, the two notes had to be the same to work (and then behave exactly as the ^ tie above); now they can be different to allow instant pitch slide between two notes.

The same example above using this tie:

; a long c note (duration of 2 wholes)
A c1&c1

Instant pitch slide:

; 'c', then 'b' on the octave below
A c8 < & b8

Even with macros enabled on this track, the notes will sound continuous (on VRC-VII tracks one can hear that there's no attack between the notes).

Unfortunately, there's a bug with this command: if GATE-DENOM > 8, the first note will be cut out prematurely instead of being tied with the following note (as if the first note was with q8 regardless of GATE-DENOM).

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