Self-Delay (SD)

Self delay can be used to create an echo effect. It is used in conjunction with the @vr and q commands.

SD : SD<num>

//<num> (1-?)
The number of notes to look back. For instance, SD1 repeats the last note played, while SD2 repeats the note played 2 notes ago, etc. //

The SD command uses the q or @q command to play the previous note during what would normally be a rest. This note is played at the volume specified by @vr.
SDOF turns this command off.
SDQR resets the queue of notes being repeated as if you had just started the SD command.

SD1 @v0 @vr1 l4 q4 cdefg 

;Is the same as this: 
l8 q8 @v0c@v1w@v0d@v1c@v0e@v1d@v0f@v1e@v0g@v1f 

;You can see the space-saving qualities of this command.
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