Commenting methods

Comments in MML files, just as in any other programming language, are a way to provide prospective readers (or indeed yourself) more readability.

The compiler simply ignore anything that you comment out. Comments are very useful to temporarily disable parts of a song, separate it into section (e.g. "Chorus", "Verse" etc.) or put personal notes into the MML source. It is generally considered good practice to comment a MML song, as it will be easier to follow.

Note that all examples in this wiki use comments.

Line comments: ; and /

Anything from the comment symbol to the end of line is commented out. Note that certain headers can not be commented on (such as #TITLE, #COMPOSER, etc.).

Group comments: /* ~ */

Anything between /* and */ is commented out. Those two symbols can be several lines apart, if you want. Popular usage of this commenting method includes disabling large chunks of a channel or entire tune.

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