@EN<num> = { ~ | ~ }

<num> (0 — 127)
A number you set for your reference when calling throughout your MML.

This will define an arpeggio envelope macro.

EN<num> to call.
ENOF to turn off.

The arpeggio macro will rapidly progress through the series of notes. You can in fact use this on the Triangle track C as well. Sometimes this is used to simulate a chord. The parameters you put in will step the note up or down in semitones relative to the last note in the arpeggio, not the note the arpeggio is applied to!

@EN0 = { 0 0 | 4 0 3 0 -7 0 } ; A major triad.

;Playing a C note, it will increase 4 semitones to E,
;then 3 semitones to G, then down 7 semitones back to C. Loops.
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